How do we register coupons?
To redeem a coupon in Rhythm Hive, go the official website by navigating via [Menu (☰) > Coupon Registration] or pressing ""Register Coupon"" at the bottom of the main screen.When registering a coupon, you will need the UID information of the account where you wish to receive the rewards. You can find and copy your UID from the in-game settings, and then use it on the official website to complete the coupon registration process.☞ Go to the Rhythm Hive official website.https://rhythmhive.hybecorp
How do I get UR grade cards?
The upgrade method has been renewed after the Season 4 update.[Upgrade Method]· B → XR: MAX Level Card + Rhythm Cube + Gold· XR → UR: MAX Level Card + Miracle Rhythm Cube + GoldYou can now upgrade XR cards even without copies of it after the renewal.
What are the types of tickets that can or cannot be used after Season 4?
As aforementioned, starting from September 22, 2022, resources that were previously exchangeable at the Ticket Exchange will be removed.[Tickets to be removed after Season 4 update] ·  Normal Ticket, Premium Ticket, Premium S – XR Ticket, Premium R – XR Ticket, Premium XR Ticket, Royal S – XR Ticket, Royal R – XR Ticket, Royal XR Ticket, Gold Ticket, Mix Material Ticket[Tickets to be kept after Season 4 update] ·  Sticker Ticket, Concept Photo Ticket, Royal Ticket
What’s the Trade Card system?
It’s a new content where you can acquire the Cards of your desired Group Members by trading the Cards you already have.
What’s the Sell Card system?
You can sell owned cards to acquire the new items, Memory Charms and Memory Catchers. Use them to buy EXP Cards or Rhythm Cubes to quickly grow your favorite cards!