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BTS Island: In the SEOM HELP 📋 The Island and Today’s Missions
I want to decorate the island

You can place Decos on your island and change the skins of props. 🏝

[Placing Decos]
- On the lower left side of the screen, ↙ press the “Decorate Mode” button. 🔨
- You can place any Decos you own and change the angle.
- You can put away any Decos you have place on your island.
- You can acquire Decos from Today’s Missions, Special Boxes, Lucky Boxes, etc. 🌳

[Changing Prop Skins]
- Props are acquired through Today’s Missions and added to your island. 🚧
- When your press and hold the props on your island, you can see the skins that you can use.
- Choose skins that you like to decorate your island.
- You cannot change the position of your props.

Your Deco Score will increase when you acquire Decos or unlock skins. 🏠

Visit friends with high Deco Scores, and admire their decoration skills!

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