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Gifts and Popularity Score

You can send gifts 🎁 to other players In the SEOM.
Players who receive gifts will have their Popularity Score increased, and this is reflected in Style 💫 Rankings.

Don’t forget, you can send one rose 🌹 a day for free. How about expressing your feelings?

 ⛔Accessible from level 22, and up to 50,000 points of gifts are possible.

❗ Disclaimer

- Popularity Score Rankings reset every season. At the start of a new season, the rankings of the previous season's Popularity Score is reset. Only the Popularity Score acquired in the new season will be reflected on the current season’s rankings after the reset.

- The remaining time until reset is shown at the top left of [Ranking] → [Style] tab.

- The previous season’s cumulated Popularity Score is shown in [Total Popularity Score] in [Profile Picture] in the upper left corner of the game. 


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