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🐚 Collecting Seashells

[What is Collecting Seashells?]

Collecting Seashells is a limited-time event with multiple stages. 🕒
Each stage has a target score and a reward. 🎯
When you clear a level, all yellow seashells 🐚 acquired in that level are added to your score, and you can move to the next stage.
Complete all levels and earn huge rewards. 🎁


- If you fail or give up a level, all points earned for that level will be lost.
- The number of yellow seashells acquired won’t be affected by the multiplier tiles.
- You must be level 34 to participate in Collecting Seashells.

- Reward can be acquired when returning to town after reaching each tier.

- You must log in within 3 days after the event ends to receive the reward.

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