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🎤 Club Cooperation League

[What are Club Cooperation Leagues?]

Club Cooperation Leagues are limited-time events where you collect points with your club members.🕒
Club members who have cleared 1 level 🧩 can participate in the Cooperation League.

If a club member clears a level during the event period, they will receive a Mic🎤, and rewards will be given out when the sum of Mics reach 300, 600, and 1000.
The top players in your club who collected the most Mics will receive additional rewards. 🏅


- You must be level 34 to participate in the Club Cooperation League, and your club must have 5 or more members.
You must clear at least 1 level to receive Club Cooperation League rewards.
- Points from members who leave or are removed from the club during the event period will be deleted.

- If the result screen does not appear after the event ends, please try to restart the app or play one puzzle.

- Each reward can only be claimed once during the event.

- League results can be checked for up to 3 days after the league ends.

- Rewards will be provided only if you log in within the specified period.

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