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🏆 Hot 30 - SEOMboard

If you clear all the levels In the SEOM, you can participate in the Hot 30 - SEOMboard 🔥.
In the SEOMboard, 30 people in one group will compete each other. 🏃

If you clear the round during the event period, you will receive a trophy, 

and your ranking will be determined according to the number of trophies 🏆 you collected.
The earlier you join the SEOMboard, the higher your rewards.

The SEOMboard ends when a new level is released.

[What does gathering Trophies do?]

You can earn rewards based on the total number of Trophies you’ve acquired.🎁

The total number of Trophies will not reset even when SeomBoard ends, so don’t worry!😌

Please look forward to special SeomBoard exclusive rewards that will continue to be added!🙌


- You must be connected to the internet to participate in the Hot 30 - SEOMboard.

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