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🎟️ Play Pass

The Play Pass is a 3-week long event, and you can participate from level 25.

The Play Pass consists of 25 stages, each with an objective key and a reward for each stage.
You can earn keys by clearing the Puzzle Level, and if you earn the target amount, move to the next stage.
You can earn additional keys on the Hard and Very Hard levels. 🔑

If you buy the TANY Pass, you can earn a special bonus. ✨
Receive additional rewards at every pass level. 💰

Max number of Hearts increased to 8 during the season!❤️ 
Gold is given to club members. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Purchase the TANY Pass Plus🎫 to earn special bonuses. ✨

You will be able to receive all of the TANY Pass’ rewards. 🙌

You will be able to enjoy the TANY Pass until stage 40. 👟

More Gold for reaching the final stage! The Gold Safe will open! 💰️

The maximum number of Hearts will increase to 10 during the season! ❤️ 

And a Rainbow Frame🌈  and Golden Nickname for the season period! 🤩

❗ Important Note

- You cannot move to the next stage after your Play Pass ends.

- If there is a reward that you have earned but has not yet received during the last season, you can get them from [View Last Season Pass] in the upper left corner of the Play Pass screen.

- The recent Season Pass before the current TANY Pass is on sale right now and you can receive rewards you have not reached yet by purchasing that tier.

※ TANY Pass and TANY Pass Plus rewards can only be received if purchased during the sales period.

- [View Last Season Pass] only displays unclaimed rewards from the last season’s Play Pass and TANY Pass, so please be sure to pick them up.

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