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💬 Plaza

You can spend time with other users at the Plaza. 🌴

Chat with other users 💬, show off your Costumes 👕, and rest on the sunbed. 😎

Tap the “Change Channel” 🔁 button next to the channel number to change the channel you are on.

[What can I do with my character?]

Tap a place you want to go to move your character there. 👟

You can change your character by touching them. 🔁

Tap the “Costume” button at the bottom of the screen to change your Costume.

Tap a Prop to interact with it. 🙂

[What can I do with another user’s character?]

Try chatting with them! 🤝

You can tap a user’s character to follow them or send a gift. 🎁

The Plaza is a place for everyone. Please be respectful to one another. 🤗

❗ Note

- You must be level 45 or higher to participate in Plaza.

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