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🎶 Concert Event

[What is Concert Event?]

Concert Event is an event where you can obtain event resources for a limited time to prepare for the concert.

The event resources can be acquired by playing puzzles. 🎫

Once you gather enough event resources, you can play concert levels. 🥳

[Tell me more about concert levels!]

In concert levels, you can play freely within a limited amount of time without turn limits. 🕒

Try to get as much Gold 💰 and Gems 💎 from concert levels!

Once time runs out, you can receive all the Gold and Gems you have acquired in a concert level. 😉

❗ Note

- You must be level 34 or higher to participate in the Concert Event.

- BTS Bombs will not activate during concert levels.

- Remaining event resources will be exchanged for Gold when the event ends.

- If you force quit the game during a level, you will not receive the rewards, and will need to consume more tickets to retry the level.

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