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🐳 Kore Race

[What is Kore Race?]

- Kore Race is a limited time event where you compete against other players.🕒

- Tap the Start button on the Kore Race screen to enter the race. 👟

- In Kore Race, you need to clear levels consecutively as designated. 🧩

- Failing to clear a level will reset your streak, so be careful and don’t fail! 🧠

[What are Kore Race tiers?]

There are 3 Kore Race tiers.

The number of participants and the goal will change at each tier.

- 🐳 Kore Race 1 — 3 Levels

- 🐳 Kore Race 2 — 5 Levels

- 🐳 Kore Race 3 — 7 Levels

The first player to clear each tier can claim their reward and move on to the next tier. 🏆️

The remaining players can participate in the same tier again. Don’t give up and keep on trying! 👏

❗ Please Note

- You must be at level 34 or higher to participate in Kore Race.

- You must log in within 3 days after the event ends to receive the reward.

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