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🧭 Treasure Map

What’s Treasure Map?

Treasure Map is a time-limited event where you use event resources to search for treasures.🕓

You can get special bonus rewards by exploring the Treasure Map with all the BTS members. 🎁

Choose Member

First, choose which member you want to explore with when the event begins.😍

Complete exploring the Treasure Map with that member to be able to choose the next member.🔍

All members can explore the map once each, 👣 but you won’t be able to change members during an exploration. 👀

Explore Map

You can acquire event resources by playing levels.🎟

Once you gather enough event resources, tap “Explore” to spin the roulette.

The member will move as many spaces as the number you rolled.

Move forward while picking up rewards on the path.

The exploration will end when you take the member to the final space on the Treasure Map! 🥳

❗ Note

You must be level 34 or above to participate in Treasure Map.

Remaining event resources will be exchanged for Gold when the event ends.

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